Journalist Milkias Mihreteab

ERISAT-Eritrean Satellite Television is seeking nominees to the MMY award and encourage all Eritreans and others to nominate anyone that fulfills the award criteria. The MMY Award was created in May 2021 to remember the late Milkias Mihreteab and promote independent media and courageous journalism in Eritrea.

 Who can be nominated?

  • Any journalist, a writer, a publisher or anyone who has written, contributed, collected information or published them in various medium in circumstances that show great courage and independence;
  • For example, individuals who have taken high risks in documenting human rights violations happening inside Eritrea, leaked out information and documentary evidences, and made them available to the outside world.

How to send nomination?

  • Nominations should be sent to ERISAT via email with clear information, within a maximum of 400 words, why a particular person deserves the award, and provide with any evidence that supports the nomination.


  • Nominations will be open from March, 10 – April 10, 2022.
  • The winner will be announced in May, 2022.

The Award

  • The winner will be awarded a financial compensation up to $ 1000 US dollars and the MMY award of recognition.