SEATTLE, WA – As the coronavirus crisis continues to propagate throughout the globe Eritreans in the diaspora fear for the health and safety of their loved ones inside of Eritrea. According to NationMaster’s 2005 study, Eritrea is limited to just one (1) physician for every ten-thousand (10,000) people. The World Health Organization suspects every country could have up to 30% of its population infected by the coronavirus and of the 30%, 5% would require intensive care unit treatment. Eritrea’s population size is close to 5 million this could mean that 75,000 people would require intensive care treatment.

Structural Engineer Merhawie Woldezion of Santa Clara, CA — launched The Eritrea COVID-19 Response Fund web site on behalf of the National Council of Eritrean Americans (NCEA) “to help support the Ministry of Health in Eritrea engage in lifesaving work to prevent, detect, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.” On March 27, TesfaNews tweeted the “total donation in the last 36 hours [is now close] to USD $400,000.”

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